About Us

Awazein was started in 2023 in response to mass interest to various voice acting opportunities for Muslim characters. Many aspiring voice actors finally had a reason to start learning the craft. 

Awazein will be providing various flexible focused classes with voice acting at the center. In addition, Awazein will provide students of the classes the ability to show their talents and be found for opportunities.

In addition, Awazein will be working with organizations seeking Muslim voice actors. We leverage our networks within the industry to offer performance opportunities, paving the way for positive Muslim and minority representation in the media.

At Awazein, we are more than an educational institution—we're a community that champions diversity, empowers artists, and sets the stage for voices that are yearning to be heard.

Awazein's mission is bring to offer a platform where our unique voices are celebrated. We hope to bring to life diverse and authentic narratives, reshaping the public's understanding and fostering positive Muslim representation in media.

Join us on our mission to illuminate the vibrant tapestry of Muslim stories, adding depth, complexity, and humanity to the global media landscape.